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Bladnoch Dragon Series Set bestehend aus 5 Flaschen ( I-V )

Bladnoch Dragon Series Set bestehend aus 5 Flaschen ( I-V )
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128,29 EUR pro Liter (3,5 Liter)
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Iteration I is the origin for our all whisky. Barley is harvested annually from the farmers field before undergoing the process of malting. The resulting malted barley gives us the main raw material for our distillery. Before this raw material even arrives at the distillery, we have already encountered variety and variability from nature, our environment, and the malting process itself.




Iteration II is the first distillery production stage. The malted barley from the field is taken through the three key processes of mashing, fermentation and distillation. The potential variables and unpredictability further multiply through these steps with gravities, temperatures and cut points to name a few, all requiring a deep understanding from our mash and still men, ensuring we have a consistent new make spirit. This Lowland floral and fruity distillery character is ready to advance to be filled into our oak casks for maturation.




Iteration III in the series showcases another primary source of variability within the parallel process of cask coopering. The coopering of our casks has to consider a multitude of variables, ranging from oak species and the growth environment, through to the technical challenges of toasting, charring and seasoning. All of which can have a significant butterfly effect on our final whisky if the natural chaos within is not crafted by the Cooper.




Iteration IV focuses on the longest, the most complex and least understood process of maturation. Casks filled with new make spirit undertake years and decades of interactions with their environment, building an unpredictable structure for the whisky to come. Those who lay the casks down, pass them to a future generation, who will be the custodians of the results. The seasonal cycling of temperature and humidity, warehouse type and location, combining with the angels, to give us significant complexity to manage. Casks have been sought from the darkest, coldest locations in Bladnoch’s warehousing to amplify these effects in the Iteration IV.




Iteration V focuses on Whisky making in the sample room, where the decisions are made for our final products. All variability and unpredictability is considered at the bench, protecting tomorrows interests, whilst balancing todays needs for a consistent and sustainable experience for everyone. Taking the full complexity encountered to date, and simplifying it in these final steps. With innovation opportunities and the skills to build flexibly maturing stocks, the variability and unpredictability of everything in the process curve to this point, should not be noticed by anyone if we make the right decisions.

Importeur: ALBA IMPORT oHG, Alte Dorfstraße 33, 21640 Nottensdorf, Deutschland


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